Hola! I'm Lilly & its lovely to meet you! 

First up Macfilly what is that? Well, my middle name is Macmillan hence the Mac. F is for fitness, and illy is part of Lilly.  So Macfilly is me and my love for fitness & running all wrapped up in one happy bundle!

My goal is to help as many women as I can feel good about themselves, people like you. Helping to improve your running, general health and build it into your everyday life, so it's not a passing trend its who you are. Its your fit life.

My programs help you feel confident in yourself, positively motivate you to make a permanent and sustainable change in your life.

my family particularly my mum have been big motivators for me, i wanted my parents to be able to be active and healthy as they got older and there wasn't anything mum liked so i made her a running program and filmed some things she could do at home and she loved it. i think everyone deserves to be able to enjoy the things they do and be healthy happy people! 

It does not matter if your an expert or total beginner it's your journey. My online programs can help you achieve your running & fitness goals so you can feel strong like the person you know you are!


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I just completed the 8 weeks group boot camp with Macfilly Fitness. This was my 1st ever attempt at group fitness sessions after loosing a tremendous amount of weight over the past 14 months. Lilly’s enthusiasm & support I found extremely motivating. She made me want to push myself and try all the sessions. As I am a beginner her warm friendly nature made working out FUN. The sessions were catered to what you were able to achieve. So if you like a great ‘tunes’ and love having a ‘laugh’ plus want that motivation to push yourself to improve yourself, I would totally recommend Lilly at Macfilly Fitness to help kickstart your fitness/weight loss journey. I know I did and I’d give her 10/10 !!!
— Kate
The Macfilly boot camp was a real challenge for me as someone not as young and fit as I once was. Lilly made the sessions challenging but fun, and was able to tailor the exercises to each person, even when there were lots of us there. The firm but cheerful approach Lilly has really makes you try harder, and while I sometimes grit my teeth when a section was really hard, I was always glad I’d put in the extra effort when the session was over. I will definitely be signing up for further bootcamps with Macfilly.
— Wendy
From the first time I met Lilly I knew that she was the person who would help me on my journey to being the best version of myself….

Lilly is an amazing trainer and person. She is passionate about fitness; dedicated, creative and knows what needs to be done and how to get you there mind wise, food wise and body wise.

Not only is Lilly a great trainer (knows her stuff) she also genuinely cares about what you are trying to achieve. She listens, advises, supports and encourages you every single step whether it’s during a training session or before or after in texts and messages.

Lilly is by far the best trainer, the nicest girl and positive driver I’ve come across….she’s amazing.

I’ll be forever grateful for her being an integral part of my journey.
— kat

try the fit life

Being fit and healthy means you have more time to enjoy your family friends and live a happy positive lifestyle. 


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