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Conquer the Lake
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Conquer running.          run 6km

Conquer the Lake is a 6km running program designed to take beginners or people new to running from 0 to 6km! The program is fun interactive and you'll be hitting your goals in 12 weeks time! So start today and you wont just be conquering lakes! 

What you can expect is:

-12 week running guide, that will take you through each run and gradually progress as you do 

-Tips and tricks for motivation that I use myself

-downloadable CALENDAR to keep you ACCOUNTABLE 

-Stretches ideal for runners, wish I had known these sooner! including PHOTOS & INSTRUCTIONS

-Warm ups you can do before your run, so you and your muscles are ready to run!  

-Tracking your progress though out the guide as you improve over time

-some fun stats & facts on how exactly you've improved running! 

-join our community of beginner runners as you join them on your journey to 6km! 


why run?

Increasing your daily cardiovascular exercise has been shown to have significant

positive impacts on your health, so why not start running today and reap the rewards!

-weight loss
-improve your cardio!
-reduce your blood pressure & cholesterol levels
-lower stress levels and improve your mental health
-improved bone density
-and so much more!

Conquer 6km, join our team, lets run together!