macfilly classes

Macfilly group fitness classes are fun for all involved! My amazing team makes a safe, fun, happy and positive environment for anyone who would like to build on their fitness! You don't need to be "fit" to do a Macfilly class, you just need to try! we mainly work out doors in vic park but in Please check out our time table or face book for location. look FORWARD to meeting you! 

Try our 7 day unlimited classes! 

you can try as many classes as you like for 7 days including strong, run club & bootcamp!




This is what Macfilly does best! Our bootcamp class is great for a short sharp work out, its programmed to target specific areas of your body (so look out for leg day!). The intervals will get your heart rate up and the variability will keep you motivated and on the move!  Great for beginners and the advanced as weights and excercies can be varied between people. 



The name says it all really, this class is designed to do one thing: make you stronger.This class is run once a week to give you an opportunity to work on technique of specific movements; get into some mobility as well as lifting some heavier weights.  Our strong class is ideal for people wanting to improve their strength for their day to day lives.