Two ways to improve your health and fitness

If you're here for dieting tips, then this isn't the article for you... However, there are two other significant things to discuss around health and fitness. Two things that are often missed in the world of fitness that has become protein shakes and beautiful bodies!

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Like all things, life has its ups and downs. We all have good days, bad days and all of the other days in between, but if you want to improve your health, fitness and overall lifestyle... you need to make small gradual changes vs changing everything all at once. 

It's all very well and good to make "changes" in our lives that contribute to healthy goals or that simply improve our lifestyles. But, we need to stick to them and make a consistent and repeated effort.
There is a great Aristotle quote  "You are what you repeatedly do."

As Mum used to say, good things take time! So keep going & trust the process if you've got a goal and a solid plan you will get there! 
Making little changes will gradually help you to build and develop a healthy lifestyle. This is different for everyone, but the important part is that you make it sustainable and achievable for you!

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The ability to motivate yourself is such an important skill. Specifically, positive self-talk.
Often, we are so quick to criticise ourselves, and it's the little inner voice that stops us from achieving positivity.
Personally, I find that a prime time to practise my inner dialogue is during exercise. For example, practising a positive mantra while I run. 
Maintaining this positive inner voice allows me to enjoy the run more and feel better about my performance. At the end of it, I want to run more because it felt good and I finished with a positive attitude! It feels good, trust me. 
I once heard a great piece of advice: another person's success isn't your failure. 
We often compare ourselves to others, which affects our self-talk and makes it difficult to maintain a positive outlook. 
How can we change this? Focus on yourself, and only yourself, for a moment. Tell yourself something positive - heck, say it out loud! 
You might just find yourself transition from an "I think I can" attitude to, "I know I can". 

In dot points:
- Building a healthy lifestyle takes time
- Consistency is key: with small and gradual changes, you are more likely to succeed
- Self-talk: developing a positive attitude is a real skill, and it can improve motivation, you may even enjoy exercise more and more


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