about lilly

My name is Lilly, and I would love to be your personal trainer!

I am passionate about helping people be happy and healthy but more than this I love to be there when people uncover the joy that an active life can bring.

For me, an active life means I can run, travel and play sports! Health has brought adventure and excitement to my life as well as role models and a drive to learn.

I have been fortunate enough, through running my own personal training business to have worked with hundreds of people of levels of fitness. The strongest message I have received over the years is that a Personal Trainer should be more than a drill sergeant and not just a workout planner. Having a trainer should be more than crash diets, sculpting the "perfect bikini body" or being able to run a marathon. This is why I ask my clients to shift their focus from how much weight they want to lose to why they want to maintain an active lifestyle long term. I show clients how much fun life can be when your mindset and body enables it.

Let's work together to redefine your personal fitness journey by bringing the energy and drive back into your everyday. Let me be your friend in fitness.