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Walk- water- Sleep




Why are they important

how do i increase each one and put them into my day



What should I wear to workout ?!


Well, whatever you feel most comfortable in. The least annoying, zero scratch itch no tags, doesn’t fall down, makes you feel fierce, like that I am mother f&%^ing Rocky, fierce. Something that you can strut your stuff in, but you don’t mind it being sweaty in also.

I’m going to tell you now it doesn’t matter what brand of tights or runners you have you can move your body in the nude for all I care it is just important you move! But if you are new to fitness feeling nervous and you are like but dammit what do I need… also if you don’t have all the things that doesn’t count as a reason not to start, just throwing that in there…

basics to start

  • I would go for a pair of tights or shorts you feel confident in with

  • A comfy shirt you are okay with getting sweaty and a little dirty and doesn’t restrict your arm movements is ideal.

  • Get a good bra. I haven’t personally experienced it, but no one likes a boob to the face when you're running, jumping , dancing in the breaks ect.. less bounce is, in my opinion, is better (bring back the uni-boob I say, was that ever a thing probably not) but something you like the feel of. If you aren't sure what you like to get fitted or just try a couple of brands see what you want and what you don't.

  • Shoes, get a good pair of shoes, not the cheapest option. I know they are on sale, but the injuries you will prevent by having a decent pair of shoes will save you time and injuries you have to deal with. It’s an investment that will pay when you have zero injuries and can keep on moving all day long.

  • Undies that won't give you a wedgie, trial and error people. See what works best for you and then buy 12.

 Exercise do i need it?


 getting motivated & how do you do it?

motivation for me is a drive a passion a reason to do what i do. i love helping people feel good and to do that the best i can i need to look after myself.

but if you are struggling to find that mojo here are some things i do that helpme keep on trucking!

  • Ask why. I literally ask myself why all the time. Why am i doing this why is it important to me. if you can get your why then ever time you think why am i here you can connect to something that drives you but getting your why is super important it’s got to be a why that makes YOU move or dance or want to do something using someone elses why doesn’t help you.

  • make it valuable. if something is vaulued you dont miss it

  • refelect

  • dont punish yourself

  • stop picturing yourself atthe bottom of this giant mountian of work that is going to get you to your goal. just see the next step . because steps are action. procrastination isnt progress.

 how can i keep consistent?!

in my opinion consistency is one of the most important parts of keeping healthy because with out consistency we go back to square one.

so some strategies to improve your consistency

1) Ask your self why? What does it mean to you?

2) Same time same place

3) Bring a friend

4) reward yourself

5) Do you like what you are doing ?

6) Apps like the sunrise club help you be part of a community and give you all of the above plus more

 STRETCHES for tight Hips

try these 3 stretches to loosen up those hips!

 Stretches for runners


 I want to touch my toes!

wanted to do it for ages but you never got around to it! Try these stretches!


 I might have hurt myself?! what do i do?!


if pain pursuits

don’t be a hero

See a physio or GP who can refer you to the appropriate health professional depending on your injury

 Injury vs muscle soreness

what is the difference? how do you know if your injured or just fatigued? all great and valid questions and i though I’d bring in an expert on this one Ben from Physio Australia answers this question

muscle soreness feels like

and injury feels like

when should you seek help?

 walking trails in Victoria








 3 Golden rules to go by when purchasing active wear

comfort & fit, performance, purpose.


Comfort & fit- what does it feel like? Can you actually breath move and do exercise in this garment. If the answer is no put it down and WALK away. It should feel good, have the right amount of stretch (I personally prefer leggings and tops on the lighter/tighter side of life but whatever floats your boat is fine!) Does it fit you in terms of a length (short legged people have all been there as you buy 3/4 tights and they fit beautifully just above your ankle…) So check out those measurements, so you don't have to do the triple roll up.

Performance - does it stay in place when you work out. I HATE like makes me so annoyed if I have to pull up my damn pants 50 times when I'm going for a run or doing a workout… rant over … if they are also loose after 2 washes don't go buying 3 more pairs, that my friend is a trap.

Purpose- I have "active" active wear. It is uber tight doesn't move when I’m wearing it, and it is moisture wicking because oh baby I sweat. Stretching active wear little thicker and warmer because stretching.

Yoga type activities arent as huff and puff as my general workout so I want some warmth also the materials are softer. Lastly, my looks nice but serves no other purpose but looking good activewear this is the most expensive of activewear because you want it to last as you spent a small fortune on it... it also isn't the best at the above jobs. And this is why you wear it to brunch.