3 Golden rules to go by when purchasing activewear

Comfort & fit- What does it feel like? Can you actually breath move and do exercise in this garment. If the answer is no put it down and WALK away. It should feel good, have the right amount of stretch (I personally prefer leggings and tops on the lighter/tighter side of life but whatever floats your boat is fine!) Does it fit you in terms of a length (short legged people have all been there as you buy 3/4 tights and they fit beautifully just above your ankle…) So check out those measurements, so you don't have to do the triple roll up.

Performance - Does it stay in place when you work out. I HATE like makes me so annoyed if I have to pull up my damn pants 50 times when I'm going for a run or doing a workout… rant over … if they are also loose after 2 washes don't go buying 3 more pairs, that my friend is a trap.

Purpose- I have "active" active wear. It is uber tight doesn't move when I’m wearing it, and it is moisture wicking because oh baby I sweat. Stretching active wear little thicker and warmer because stretching.

Yoga type activities arent as huff and puff as my general workout so I want some warmth also the materials are softer. Lastly, my looks nice but serves no other purpose but looking good activewear this is the most expensive of activewear because you want it to last as you spent a small fortune on it... it also isn't the best at the above jobs. And this is why you wear it to brunch.

Lilly Kerr