how can we help you?

Here at the sunrise Club we love to hear from our clients so feel free to message or contact us


i want to talk to someone

we look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to get in touch with the sunrise club by sending us an email! We would love to hear from you just send your question query or just say hello to

what does it cost?

to be part of the sunrise club community it costs

month to month $47

3 months $ saving 20% 113

12 months saving 40% 225.6

Am i locked in to a contract

you simple pay for access to the sunrise club either on a month to month basis 3 months or 12 months

do i need to be fit to join the sunrise club?

you do not need to be fit to be part of the sunrise club

to be part of the sunrise club you need to be able to smile laugh and be willing to give movement a go! The sunrise club is designed with beginners or people looking to get back in shape. think of us somewhere you go to get fit before you tackle your day!

how does the sunrise club work?

you will complete 4 strength and mobility based work outs guide3d by LIL each day with 2 optional cardio workouts each week

WHat is the sunrise club?

a place where you can start your fitness journey

what equipment will i need?


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