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Hey! my name is Lilly!

I strive to bring you real fun and relatable health & FITNESS. Together we’ll rise, shine and define your fit!


we wake up - we move - we laugh - we inspire


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 our story

we wake up - we move - we laugh - we inspire

the sunrise club is something i built for the people i love.

i’d like to INTRODUCE you to my mum, she’s an incredible woman, smart, WITTY and she felt like she didn’t belong in fitness. everywhere she looked her fitness options make her feel like she had to look or feel a certain way. but that wasn’t her, she didn’t want a bikini body or to drink protein shakes.

she wanted to feel valued, understood and have a program that was about her health. she cares more about what she can do with her body than what it looks like. fitness isn’t her life but her health enables it.

so i got to work training my mum and ultimately developed the sunrise club. i started running group fitness programs in my home town. i grew to know and care so much about the people i trained, and you know what, they were exactly like my mum.

i knew the sunrise club needed to focus on the simple things - be a friend in fitness and guide people to healthier, happier versions of themselves. it is a place where people will define THEIR own fitness goals and be proud of them. a place where people can truly start THEIR journey.

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its time to put you and your health first

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