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Work out with your friends & the sunrise community

Send Cheers to your community and feel the love of The Sunrise Club!


Be the role model

Be the role model in your family! Show your kids how it’s done and how important your health is


Have fun and be proud

Let’s laugh and have fun along the way! Smile and enjoy what you do everyday! Sit back and watch the progress happen


 We wake up - move - laugh - inspire - be the role models the world needs

Most programs are geared towards people in their 20’s and come with a predetermined idea of what fitness is and what it “looks like”.

At the sunrise club we help you define what fitness means for you. The sunrise club is the realistic place to start your fitness journey.

USING AN ONLINE TRAINING PLATFORM We support and encourage people to achieve their fitness goals what ever that may look like. Whether you are starting out or wanting to regain focus on your personal health goals our programming aims to build resilience and sustainability. The Sunrise Club is a Gentle, friendly approach to health & fitness.

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